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Play free online match 3 games at this arcade games site filled with casual matching puzzles. Most games have the same concept of making matches with at least three similar objects, there are a lot of original games like shooters, the always fun gem swapping games and a lot of collapse remakes.
Play: Kango Coins, Skulls, Combo Break, Bloweee, Knights, ...
Match King
3 Minutes on the Beach, 4 Elements, 9 Dragons: Hexa, Absolute Zero, Age of Japan, Age of Japan 2, Amazon Quest, Ancient Blocks, Ancient Jewels, Ancient Jewels: The Mysteries of Persia, Ancient Powers, Animal Carousel, Animals: Crush!, Apollo's Arrow, Aqua Blocks, Aqua Bubble, Arctic Fruits, Around the World in 80 Days, Back To Candyland: Sweet River, Balloone, Ballz, Battle of Lemolad, Be Smiled, Beadles, Beads Puzzle, Big Block, Bird's Town, Bistro Stars, Blackbeard's Island Deluxe, Blicko, Blitz Beez, Blitz Bombz, Blobbeez, Block Squad, Blockarelli, Blockies!, Blockular, Blockular 2, Blocky 500, Bloeme, Bloktonik, Bloons Pop Three, Bloweee, Blox Forever, Blox! Aqua, Bloxxs, BluCat, Bobo's Family, Bomboozle, Bomboozle 2, Bongo Balls, Bricks Breaking Hex, Brilliant Blocks, Brilliant Blocks 2, Bru!, Bubba Shouta, Bubble Blob, Bubble Boom Boom, Bubble Burst, Bubble Cannon, Bubble Chicky, Bubble Collapse, Bubble It, Bubble Shells, Bubble Shooter, Bubble Snooker, Bubbles Invasion, Bubblez!, Bubblins, Bubblins 2, Buboomy, Bumble Tales, Caesar Pizza, Call of Atlantis, Candisease, Candy Slider, Cash Machine, Celenite, Chainz, Check Match, Chili Factory, Chromatica, Civibattle, Clayside, Cobble Swirl, Collido, Color Breaker, Colors in the Sky 2, Colour Chain, Coltris, Column Breaker, Combination Cubes, Combine, Combo Break, Connect The Gems, Cosmic Rocks, Cradle of Persia, Cradle Of Rome, Crazy Clash, Creatur3s, Crunka Delic, Crusher, Crystal Battle, Crystal Caverns, Crystal Gunner, Crystalscope, Cube Crash, Cube'O Logic, Cublast, Cutey Cubes, Deep Pearl, Deep Sea Dive, Deep Trip 2, Deep Voyage, Delta Riddle, Destrocula Vampire, DeWord, Dipigeme, Doodle Eggs, Dream Woods, Dreamsdwell Stories, Drop 3, Drop Blocks!, Dubious, Dukateers: Bling Bling Blaster, Dungeon Stone, Easy Brick, Egypt Puzzle, Egyptian Secrets, Egyptian Tomb ll: The Eye of Ra, Electronix, Eye Candy, Fairy Island, Fairy Nook, Feed Mr. Peterson, Firecracker Frenzy, Fish in Trouble, Fishdom, Fishdom 2, Fishdom 3 Collector's Edition, Fishdom: Frosty Splash, Fishdom: Harvest Splash, Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea, Fishdom: Spooky Splash, Floribular, Fort, Fruit Crush Frenzy, Fruit Fever World, Fuli, Funnies, Furballs!, Gem Fusion: Wind Edition, Gem Mine, Gem Shop, GemClix, GemClix Blitz, Gems!, Gemworks, Germz, Get 10, Gluey, Gnome Garden, Gold Strike, Gravity Shift, Gridshock, GudeBalls, Heartballs, Heartballs 2, Hexa Shift, Hexa Swap, Hexagon, Hexagon Crusher, Hexagram, Heximator, Honey Drop, Hui Hui Collapse, Hypertube, Ice Breakers, Inca Ball, Isometric M3, Jamble Legends, Jewel Curse, Jewel Hunt, Jewel Lines, Jewel of Atlantis, Jewel Spinner, Jiggy Smiley, Jungle Drop, Jungle Gems, Jungle Magic, Jungle Shooter, Kango Coins, Kilotron, Knightfall, Knightfall 2, Knightfall 3: Death and Taxes, Knights, Kyobi, Ladybug, Linyca, Little Farm, Lucky Ball, Magic Drop, Magic Toy Factory, Makos, Mana Chronicle, Marble Frenzy, Marble Roller, Marine Puzzle, Match 3 Jewels, Match 4, Match 5, Match King, Match Plus, Match V, Match V mini, Matcheroo, Matcheroo: Delta, Medieval Match, Mega Blocks, Metal Monster, Meteor, Monkey Escape, Monkey Trouble 2, Monster Match, Moon Light Sparkling, More 'n' More, More Ballz, My Shapes, Mysteries of Horus, NauTiles, Neon Meter, Neonicum, Noba Blocks, Olympic Gems, Operation Grid A, orbWars Mayhem, Orchidia, Paradoxion Express, Patch Match, Pea Princess, Pear School, Penguin Escape, Phys Ballz, Phytrix, Pirate Chains, Pirate Gem, Pirate Stories: Kit & Ellis, Pizza Puzzle, Planetary Collision, Planetary Pile-up, Poclick, Poker Match, Pop a Smile, Pop Pop Rush, Pop Pop Slide, Poppable Cascade, Poxxle, Puzzle Core, Puzzles of Gemland, Qrossfire, Quadronix, Rainbow Bubble Gum, Rainbow Mystery, Rainbow Web, Rainbow Web 2, Relax Blocks, Relax Bubble, Ring Pass Not 2, Ringmania, Ringmania 2, Rock Garden Deluxe, Rome Puzzle, Rotate Mania, Rotato, Rox, Rox 2, SameBall, Sameblox, Samegame Charged, Samegame Hexagonized, Santa's Cubes, Sergeser, Shape Smash, Shields of Gemland, Side Effect, Skulls, Smash 'Em!, Sp33d, Space Gems, Speed Round, Speedy Bubbles, Spider Lines, Spin Cards, Squarix, Star Magic, Star Marbles, Stoner, Stones Masters, Stratagem, Super Bobolz, Super Video Blox, Superings, Swap Pop!, Sweet Astronomy: Donut Galaxy, Sworbs, Talis And Fruits, Temple Pop, The Cubes, The Light Work, The Rise of Atlantis, The Siren of Ying Yang, The Siren of Ying Yang 2, The Sorcerer, The Treasures Of Montezuma, The Treasures Of Montezuma 2, Theban Triad, Thirsty Parrot, Threetris, Tiny Birds, Touch, Treasure Puzzle, Treasures of the Ancient Cavern, Tricolore, Triple Rotate, Tropical Swaps, Tropical Swaps: Combo-Tastic, Turnellio, Twist Bang, Ultra Block, Umbrella Trick, Unmatch, Ununicum, Urchin Merchant, Volcaner, Vooz, Winter Whirl, Wonderlines, Woobies, World Voyage, Yeti Bubbles, Zoo Keeper
Check MatchWorld VoyageBubble CollapseTriple RotateFishdom: Frosty SplashHeartballs 2Deep PearlBlockarelliDeep Sea Dive