Play free online match 3 games at this arcade games site filled with casual matching puzzles. Most games have the same concept of making matches with at least three similar objects, there are a lot of original games like shooters, the always fun gem swapping games and a lot of collapse remakes.
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Rock Garden DeluxeRock Garden Deluxe

Arrange the stones in your backyard! Play through over 100 levels in this stone-matching puzzler, each with its own unique layout, environment, and collectible stone. Players can earn over 100 collectible stones in the Classic Game, which can appear in the Random games and in the custom Gardens that you can create yourself.

Click and drag stones to slide them across the garden. Stones will keep sliding until they hit a wall, obstacle, or another stone. Match five stones of the same color to flip them over, and flip all of the stones to complete the level. If a level in the Classic Game contains a large collectible stone, beat the current high score to earn this stone for your collection! Collected stones are available in Random Mode, custom gardens, and your stone collection. Movable obstacles will appear in later levels, and some stones may be locked in place.
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