Play free online match 3 games at this arcade games site filled with casual matching puzzles. Most games have the same concept of making matches with at least three similar objects, there are a lot of original games like shooters, the always fun gem swapping games and a lot of collapse remakes.
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Match 3 Online
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Treasures of the Mystic SeaTreasures of the Mystic Sea

Swap nautical objects in this hexagon based match 3 game with a pirate theme. You can choose to play a time based game or play relaxed without a time limit.

Swap treasure chests, barrels, dice, swords and more piratey items to form rows of 3. The goal is to make matches on top of the highlighted hexagons. On the left side you can find a list of power-ups, you first have to earn them to be able to use them. The six power-ups are chaos (swap random chips), tornado (remove random chips), fuse (remove horizontal line of chips), dynamite (remove chips with an explosion), chain lightning (remove chips of a specified type) and telekinesis (swap two random chips within a specified range).